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Welcome to the Greater Shepparton Foundation.

Our first Grants Program opened on July 1 and closed July 31, 2019. We received more than 30 applications.

Our funding is up to $20,000 per application and is open to not-for-profit, community based groups for projects located in Greater Shepparton.

Successful applicants will be notified mid-September.

Greater Shepparton Foundation is an exciting and innovative new philanthropic organisation which will be a leading change agent focussing on community connectedness.

The Greater Shepparton Foundation is a Public Benevolent Institution and has a legal status of DGR 1, which will allow it to accept donations and apply them more directly to solving problems on the ground in Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton Foundation will continue and expand on the sound success and community –driven work and programs undertaken by The Community Fund Goulburn Valley over the past 18 years, whilst working collaboratively with the Fairley Foundation, Greater Shepparton City Council, service providers and other partners to lead significant change and community driven outcomes.

A community-based board will oversee the new foundation and will focus on creating partnerships to connect needs with resources and skills to fulfil its vision of no-one living with disadvantage in Greater Shepparton.

Key priority areas initially will be Parenting and Early Learning, Youth Unemployment or Under employment, and addressing Discrimination and Lack of Inclusion. These top three priorities were identified by community leaders and service providers at the 2018 Fairley Foundation Philanthropic Summit, held to provide a direction on the critical needs of our community.

The outcomes of the strategic forum will guide the priorities of the foundation during its formative years, while much work will be undertaken to build and grow partnerships with key stakeholders, both local and external to the region.

Greater Shepparton Foundation has a distinctive role to play in meaningful change and is flexible, adaptive, creative and outcome driven to create lasting impact … stay tuned as we invite you to be part of our vision for Greater Shepparton.


For more information call 0358 328 223 or email