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Principles and guidelines for project funding



This grant round generally opens annually in April/May.  The purpose of funding granted by Greater Shepparton Foundation via the Margaret Attwood Grant Round is to support projects that address an immediate or unmet need which, importantly, aligns with the Foundation’s vision of inclusive, interconnected communities where everybody has an equal opportunity to participate.

Funding will assist local grass roots organisations with place-based projects.  Applications also assist GSF to understand what is going on at a community level, the work and initiatives that focus on tackling hardship, inequity and addressing the challenges of the most vulnerable people and groups amongst us.


Greater Shepparton Foundation will only fund projects where the services are delivered in Greater Shepparton and surrounds and/or directly benefit those who live in Greater Shepparton and surrounds.


Organisations which meet the criteria outlined below are encouraged to contact Greater Shepparton Foundation to discuss their project or organisation’s needs.


Key areas where support will be considered include:

  • Parenting and Early Education

  • Social Inclusion

  • Housing

  • Safe Families

  • Employment

  • Economic Engagement

  • Aging well

  • Flood Recovery

  • Cost of Living Crisis


Consideration of project funding will take into account: 

  • Evidence of need (immediate or otherwise)

  • Past, present and future demand for services

  • The degree of overlap and collaboration with other services

  • The ability of the organisation to successfully deliver a project

  • The ability of the organisation to collect data and fulfill reporting conditions

  • Transparency of financial reporting

  • The amount of funding available for distribution


Types of activities that will NOT be funded: 

  • Projects which do not have the purpose of relieving or reducing poverty or distress of people in need or do not have the purpose of fostering equal opportunity to participate

  • Projects outside the Greater Shepparton community

  • Individuals

  • For profit projects

*An independent community committee will be engaged to assess all applications and make recommendation to the Greater Shepparton Foundation Board. All funding will be at the discretion of Greater Shepparton Foundation Board of Management.

If you would like to discuss your project or organisation’s needs with Greater Shepparton Foundation, please contact EO, Amanda McCulloch, at or call M: 0447 400 443.



To apply for a project grant during GSF formal grant rounds an organisation must:

  • Comply with the eligibility criteria set out above

  • Complete the online Project Funding Application Form, available via the website during grant periods


ALTERNATIVELY, to discuss projects outside of grant rounds –


OR  telephone 0447 400 443


Funding Agreement

A Funding Agreement will be entered into for each approved project.  The document outlines the funding conditions and partnership roles and responsibilities between Greater Shepparton Foundation and the organisation.

Sign off of the funding agreement indicates agreement with the mutual obligations as set out below:


Funding and Service Provision

The agreement details approved funding, payment schedule and acquittal requirements for the specific purpose and project detailed in the application.  All funds must be expended on the specific purpose and during the specified acquittal period as per the budget submitted in the funding application. Any variation needs to be submitted in writing to the CEO and approved by Greater Shepparton Foundation.


Evaluation and Acquittal

Funded organisations are required to submit an Evaluation and Acquittal Report and Partnership Survey by the due date and include appropriate documentary evidence of:

  • Service provision/project delivery

  • Client and/or community outcomes

  • Records of expenditure

  • Additional supporting documentation as appropriate for the project


Marketing and Branding

As per the funding agreement, organisations are urged to:

  • Include Greater Shepparton Foundation logo and approved wording on any relevant promotional material.

  • Display any signage provided by Greater Shepparton Foundation.

  • Acknowledge Greater Shepparton Foundation as a funding partner via media releases, annual report, website and public occasions, where appropriate.

  • Provide suitable “copy” or content for inclusion in Greater Shepparton Foundation promotional material, print and electronic media, where appropriate.

  • Inform and invite Greater Shepparton Foundation to events, where appropriate.

  • Inform Greater Shepparton Foundation prior to events, seeking in-kind assistance, fundraising or sponsorship support to avoid any conflict with Greater Shepparton Foundation events and fundraising.


Visiting and Other Support

Successful organisations are encouraged to promote their partnership with Greater Shepparton Foundation.  This will assist Greater Shepparton Foundation to build on its number of potential funders and supporters, which in turn means more grant funds for local community groups/organisations.

Representatives of Greater Shepparton Foundation will contact or visit each project at least annually to provide a mutual opportunity for relationship building, promotion and to increase Board member knowledge of funded projects and programs.


View a PDF version of Greater Shepparton Foundation Funding Guidelines.

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