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Greater Shepparton Foundation’s Major Projects are established to address an identified need locally.  Via these projects we connect partners, leverage their strengths, and mobilise investment to support transformational outcomes with lasting benefits for the Greater Shepparton community.

We recognise that place-based solutions require a multidimensional strategy to create impact. We are committed to delivering collective impact through considered and consultative methods that recognise the value of local knowledge.

Major Projects are not intended to remain as an ongoing Greater Shepparton Foundation project.  Success is measured via these projects achieving their aims and are therefore no longer required, or by partnerships being established enabling sustainable projects to be taken over by the community.

GSF Past Major Projects

Community Health Educators
Women from multiple ethnic backgrounds were trained as Community Health Educators (CHEs) to address the poor health literacy in their wider communities. The CHEs offer, in their first language, health education and pathways to health services to women and families who struggle to navigate the western health system.  Read more here.


Little Learners
The Little Learners (LL) Project assisted to remove barriers to enable children from our multicultural communities to access early education.  LL provided bilingual support to reduce language, social and cultural barriers to education.  By providing culturally sensitive language support to parents and children, the project enhanced the children’s experience and development in early education.  Read more here.


African House support
St Paul’s African House provides a safe, welcoming space where people who identify with African cultures can gather to preserve, honour, celebrate and pass on their cultures through stories, music, dance, food and fellowship.  It’s also a hub that supports capacity building in migrant and refugee communities and provides opportunities for the wider community to engage, connect and grow.


African House was facing closure due to the two years of the COVID pandemic decimating their income.  GSF intervened to ensure this valuable community facility was not lost by providing a $30,000 grant to help keep the doors open of this important hub for our diverse community.  Read more here.

Mosquito-Borne Disease Prevention
The Mosquito-Borne Disease Intervention Prevention program formed an important part of GSF’s community flood recovery efforts.  This program saw every child attending local kindergartens in 2023 having access to free insect repellent, and in-language information to ensure more families in our community were informed and safe from mosquito-borne diseases and their life-long impacts.  Read more here.


Food Link, more than a meals program
Food Link was developed to support the Shepparton and Mooroopna community during the COVID-19 crisis. The concept was simple: to raise funds to employ local hospitality businesses, who were being negatively impacted by the pandemic, to make meals for people who suffered from food insecurity, also as a result of the pandemic. Food Link raised $100,000 and delivered 9,230 meals over total of 36 weeks.  Read the Food Link Final Report here.


COVID-19 Videos
Through consultation with representatives of our multicultural communities, Greater Shepparton Foundation responded to a gap in the communication of critical health and safety messages about COVID-19.


GSF provided a grant and joined with the Uniting Settlement Support team in Shepparton to record videos covering crucial COVID-19 health and safety messaging in multiple languages. An immediate response was needed to this community safety issue as the virus, and all its uncertainty, had reached our community. 

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