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Bella Ainsworth

Perpetual Lift Off


Bella Ainsworth is a passionate community champion and one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Lift Off Education Scholarship program in 2014.

With Bella’s diagnosis of a rare form of cancer in 2023, a scholarship in her name has been established to gift to a young person in Shepparton who needs support to go on and achieve their further education aspirations.

The Bella Ainsworth Perpetual Lift Off Scholarship is seeking community donations to raise $100,000 to ensure this gift to the community in Bella’s name is available to a Goulburn Valley student every year - forever more.

For more information and to DONATE please click HERE.


Greater Shepparton Foundation (GSF) is part of a proud, resilient and innovative community, however data reveals pockets of entrenched disadvantage throughout the Greater Shepparton region.

One in six people, and nearly half our households with dependent children, are living below the poverty line. Our region has one of the highest rates of housing stress and homelessness in Victoria.  GSF is recognised as a trusted local philanthropic hub with a goal to fund courageous and creative solutions to tackle disadvantage.

We aim for inclusive, interconnected communities where everybody has an equal opportunity to participate. By truly listening, learning and activating local expertise, we are identifying ways to strengthen our community.  We are committed to our view that if we are led by community, we can deliver with community.

With our place-based knowledge and consultation with our community we have identified the areas of social inclusion; housing; parenting and early childhood development; and employment and economic engagement as major areas in need of our focus.

GSF works as a connector of resources and skills with the needs of the community via its own innovative initiatives, as well as working with community-based organisations that align with the foundation’s purpose.

GSF is a Public Benevolent Institution with DGR1 tax status and presents significantly enhanced philanthropic opportunities for our community.  We undertake this mission with Respect and without judgement. We foster Inclusion, Collaboration and Trust.

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Major Projects

Our major projects are delivering on our mission and align with our focus areas.

By truly listening, learning and activating local expertise, we are identifying ways to strengthen our community.




Your support will assist us to achieve our goal of amplifying, assisting and elevating community driven change in our priority areas: social inclusion; parenting and early years education; housing; safe families; youth employment and aging well.

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