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The Community Health Educators (CHE) program is achieving its goal of empowering non-English speaking and refugee women to access and embrace good health and lifestyle in Greater Shepparton.

Since April 2021, 12 women from multiple ethnic backgrounds have been trained as Community Health Educators to address the poor health literacy in their wider communities.  The CHEs will offer, in their first language, health education and pathways to health services to women and families who struggle to navigate the western health system.

More recently our 12 trained CHE’s have become instrumental in providing and delivering reliable, accurate and real time COVID-19 information to women and their families.  This current health crisis has enabled the CHE’s to find meaningful roles, both paid and volunteer, in our community and are acknowledged as making a huge difference in the compliance, acceptance and understanding of the important health directives and challenges, both with COVID and other major health issues plaguing these non-English speaking communities.


The most recent training provided to the CHE's is Mental Health and Trauma Informed Practice, which was identified by the women as imperative to care for some of the most immediate needs in their communities.

The CHE program has been lauded as making the difference in many families’ lives, saving lives and keeping our whole community safe.

This training is made possible by the support of the Upotipotpon Foundation.

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