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Giving Means Making A Difference

It is that time of year again when we ask our local community to dig deep and donate to our End of Financial Year (EOFY) Appeal.

Our EOFY Appeal raises discretionary funds that enables us to respond to the most urgent needs in our community as well as wrap around support for people who are struggling to make their way on their own.

It is your donation, the generous support of our community, that allows Greater Shepparton Foundation (GSF) to continue our goal of creating inclusive and interconnected communities where everyone has an opportunity to participate in life in our region.

What this really means is that the grass roots projects, programs and community-led organisations GSF supports are opening doors for many diverse peoples to be involved and immersed in the place they call home.

GSF acknowledges and respects the rich tapestry of cultures and vulnerabilities among us, and focuses on creating an environment where everyone, despite their circumstances, can participate in their community. And this is good for all of us.

We saw this at work during COVID when we raised more than $100,000 for Food Link to help feed many families and others who faced hardship during lockdowns, while supporting local businesses to keep their staff and bills paid.

Funds donated by generous donors last year also allowed us to support youth mental health programs, supports for refugees and non English speaking workers who lost their jobs, and warm clothing and other personal items for people experiencing homelessness. You can read about our goals and our work to achieve them on our website.

In the past year with the discretionary funds raised as a result of our EOFY Appeal we supported garden programs and art classes that encourage physical and mental wellbeing, social groups who concentrate on connection and inclusiveness for people in the LGBTQIA+ community, older citizens who want to stay fit and healthy or learn a new skill. It is all about creating the opportunity to be involved.

Every year we are grateful for financial support from you, but this year we are in as much need as ever. We have a target to raise $40,000 to allow us to keep making a difference.

Here in Greater Shepparton we are still experiencing a high level of illness - COVID and other viruses - businesses are struggling with staff shortages, schools experiencing challenges with staff and student attendances and a current cold snap that brings home the realities of winter if you don’t have a warm home, hot meal or even a warm coat to get you through.

Please give generously to our appeal and help us reach our target.

You can donate online via the ‘donate’ page, or contact me on 0410 561 934 if you would like to discuss your donation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.



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