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Healthy Child Co-Design

Updated: May 22

Greater Shepparton Foundation's new Major Project, the Greater Shepparton Healthy Child Co-Design, will build on local services.

Greater Shepparton Foundation is thrilled to launch a new major project, the Greater Shepparton Healthy Child Co-Design.

Co-design is a practice involving multiple stakeholders in the design and development of services, with the goal of creating a solution more effective, relevant and satisfying to the people who use them.

The Greater Shepparton Healthy Child Co-Design looks at our Maternal and Child Health services in Greater Shepparton, and ways we can address barriers to this service experienced by our multicultural community.

With 17.4% of the population of Greater Shepparton born overseas, and 17.6% speaking a language other than English at home, cultural barriers can lead to inequitable healthcare access. Using co-design to uncover and redesign systems will see earlier intervention for children who need it, greater connection and trust between families and health care services and improvements in school readiness.

The 10 Key Age and Stage consultations are a free services provided by Greater Shepparton City Council’s qualified Maternal Child Health Nurse from birth through to school age, and engagement with services is an important tool to monitor and assess a child’s important developmental milestones.

For families the Maternal Child Health service provides much needed care and support, improves the overall health outcome of the mother and baby, promotes healthy development, empowers women and mothers, and assist in reducing future health care costs.

The co-design aspect of this project is to ensure collaboration at the core. Throughout the process, the Greater Shepparton Foundation will work together with stakeholders, user, designers, and our community, to create solutions that meet everyone’s needs and priorities. Ideally, the project will lead to true innovative and sustainable solutions, based on the collective’s creativity, knowledge and lived experience.

Greater Shepparton Foundation has welcomed a new staff member to our team to head up this project, local Public Health Nutritionist, Katie Thorp.  The GSF team is excited to see the project roll out and witness its sustainable impact for our community. 

The Greater Shepparton Healthy Child Co-Design adds to our repertoire of major projects that support GSF’s vision of an inclusive, interconnected communities where everybody has equal opportunity to participate.

We extend our thanks to our financial supporters of the Greater Shepparton Foundation Healthy Child Co-design, Pratt Foundation and Besen Family Foundation and look forward to working with our community to co-design solutions for greater social impact.

Please watch this short video on the Greater Shepparton Healthy Child Co-Design project and the Oral Language Intervention project, GSF's major projects that align with our focus area of early childhood development.

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