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St Paul’s African House provides a safe, welcoming space where people who identify with African cultures can gather to preserve, honour, celebrate and pass on their cultures through stories, music, dance, food and fellowship.  It’s also a hub that supports capacity building in migrant and refugee communities and provides opportunities for the wider Shepparton community to engage, connect and grow. 

African House was facing closure due to two years of the COVID pandemic decimating their income due to a loss in revenue from venue hire.

GSF provided a $30,000 grant to St Paul’s African House to help keep the doors open and the staff and volunteer community have worked tirelessly to rebuild its venue hire, program delivery and community events to save this important hub for our diverse community.

GSF supports local-led expertise that strengthens our community.  African House is a wonderful example of what community can do for community.  It is not only important to our CaLD community, so many access the facilities and programs to experience and embrace the diversity that we enjoy in our region.

GSF acted quickly to support this local organisation as it is imperative it remains open, and today its future looks bright.

GSG was also able to partner with The Fairley Foundation to provide a second grant of $20,000 more recently which will support the employment of a manager from the local African population.

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