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A Lot Has Been Achieved!

GSF has completed its third year of operation and a lot has been achieved.

We are delighted to inform you that our 2022 Annual Report is now available on the GSF website.

Our Annual Report provides a snapshot of the year that was, along with recognising the generous contributions of our community, our stakeholders, and our supporters. It is an opportunity to reflect on, and highlight, our achievements over the past year, and there are many despite the challenges as we continued live and work with COVID.

In this, the third full year of operation for the Greater Shepparton Foundation, there is a great deal to reflect on, internally as an organisation, and externally for the meaningful and collaborative results we have achieved for our community. A Summary Of Our Achievements -

  • $500,000 of grants and donations committed for local projects

  • GSF has consolidated its position as the lead philanthropic community partner in the Goulburn Valley

  • Our Oral Language and Little Learners programs have been recognised by our community as significant place-based change-makers in early years education.

  • We continued our support of the Community Health Educator’s (CHE’s) program which is now lauded as an important and respected model of delivering health and medical services information to multiple diverse communities in first language.

  • A grant to St Paul’s African House supported them to keep doors open after their income was decimated due to COVID. We are pleased that African House is now re-establishing its regular source of income.

Over the past 12-months, GSF has responded with many small discretionary grants to empower those in our community who are best placed to look after the most vulnerable, those in need of a hand up, and those who found themselves in hardship for the very first time. GSF was able to restart the Food Link program for 10 weeks in conjunction with gotafe providing free cooked meals for those who needed them most.

Our ability to adapt and respond in a timely manner for our community continues to be one of our strengths.

As we look to the year ahead, our Board of Directors remains committed to our vision for “Inclusive, interconnected communities where everybody has equal opportunity to participate.” And, will continue to be driven by our purpose, “To amplify, assist and elevate community driven change across the Greater Shepparton region”

Much of the work we have done is reflected through the pages of our 2022 Annual Report. I encourage you to read the report to learn more about the work the Foundation is doing in direct response to the communities needs. Through listening and learning we are collectively partnering to create change.

To read the 2022 Greater Shepparton Foundation Annual Report please please click here.

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