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Homeless Week 2023 - Walking Home

418 that is the total number of people that identified as ‘homeless’ in Greater Shepparton on Census night in 2021.

Between the 2016 and the 2021 Census, the number of people homeless in our region grew by 18%. These figures were prior to the floods in October last year.

On Friday 11th August from 11am – 1pm community members are invited to collectively walk 418 laps of Victoria Park Lake to raise awareness of the 418 people in our community experiencing homelessness.

Hosted by the Salvation Army in Shepparton “Walking Home” will empower our community to come together to end homelessness.

A part of this year’s Homeless Week from 7th to 13th August, Walking Home draws attention to the importance of finding immediate solutions to the housing and homeless crisis.

Greater Shepparton Foundation aims for inclusive, interconnected communities where everybody has an equal opportunity to participate. This includes giving equal opportunity to access safe housing – what we believe is a basic human right.

The theme of this year’s homeless week is “Together we can”.

We believe that homelessness is a solvable issue. It has been proven through programs like Australian Alliance to End Homelessness’ Advance to Zero. But it takes place-based knowledge coupled with commitment from State and Federal Governments to fund the support and pathways to end homelessness and address the critical supply shortage of affordable housing.

Greater Shepparton Foundation, like so many others, is committed to doing its share to end homelessness.

We work as a connector of resources and skills with the needs of the community via innovative initiatives that align with our identified focus areas including ‘housing’.

Over the years we have supported projects delivered by local services that address homelessness or support those that are at risk of homelessness, but we want to do more.

We want to end homelessness – and together we can.

We are keen to hear from any service working towards the goal of ending homelessness locally to discuss ways in which our expertise or funding opportunities may be able to assist. If you have a project you would like to discuss please email GSF Executive Officer Amanda McCulloch at

See you at Victoria Park Lake on 11th August!

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